About Us is an online remote-control specialist. Searching for a replacement remote control? At, we supply replacement remote controls for many Audio/Visual Devices such as TV, BLU-RAY, DVD, HOME-THEATRE SYSTEMS, SURROUND SOUNDS, VCR, VIDEO, SET TOP BOX, HI-FI, CD, SKY DIGITAL + HD+, SATELLITE, CAMCORDERS, PROJECTORS & many other devices.

The main reasons to buy a replacement remote control are it may be lost, broken, worn out, dog chewed, spilt drink or you just would like a spare.  We can supply replacement remote controls to you simply and conveniently over the internet.

Our GOOD REMOTE own branded remote controllers are designed to replace specific models and in the majority of cases, we will offer a remote that is purpose designed to replace your original controller. We hold a unique database of over 50,000 UK-specific original manufacturers' remote controls what we call ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT REMOTES. We also stock ORIGINAL REMOTE CONTROLS where available in order to give you the consumer a choice. This enables us to cross-refer the right remotes for you and offer you the right remote every time.

 As a reliable supplier of Original & Alternative Replacement Remote Controls to the UK market since 2010, we have grown quite rapidly and have got to know our business very well. We currently supply many of the Educational Institutes, National Health Authorities & Hotel groups in and around the United Kingdom. Where supplying a reliable a quality remote is of paramount importance and we have built our reputation upon this.

The brand GOOD REMOTE™ is a guarantee from us to our customers that they will receive a power supply unit for their device that constructed using high-quality materials, components and includes all the safety features that will protect the power supply and device from incorrect voltages, short circuits, internal overheating.  All GOOD REMOTE™ branded replacement products are CE/FCC/RoHS certified and tested by our manufacturers to match or exceed current UK & EU legislative requirements.

All our stock is currently in the UK and it is our policy that all orders placed before 2pm will be shipped the same day with the Royal Mail aiming for next day delivery. You can contact us anytime by phone 02890 998827 or email

© is the shop front for the brand, GOOD LEAD®.  GOOD REMOTE™ is a registered trademark in the Trade Marks Registry in accordance with the Trade Mark Act 1994 of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Our Aim and Vision

Our aim is to provide the correct product to our customers on time or before time where possible. and extensive range of high qualityGOOD REMOTE™own brand remote controls for a vast array of different devices.

Our Vision is to become the UK's leading Remote Controller supplier.  We want to be renowned for our uniqueGOOD REMOTE™branded quality, product range, knowledge base and exceptional customer service.

Who We Are

At, we are a team of experts who are knowledgeable about the electronics market we serve. We operate on a knowledge-based philosophy, sourcing the right remote control for the right device.

When and where possible we implement automated systems for stock management and order processing to ensure is operating at maximum efficiency. 

Why Choose

High Quality Guaranteed

Our brand GOOD REMOTE™is a guarantee from us to our customers that they will receive a remote control for their device that is constructed using high-quality materials, components.  All GOOD REMOTE™branded replacement products are CE/FCC/RoHS certified and tested by our manufacturers to match or exceed current UK & EU legislative requirements.

Extensive Product Range holds an extensive range of remote controls for a vast array of televisions, set top boxes, DVD players, docking stations and just about any device that requires a remote control.

Fast Delivery

With our streamlined order processing system and using the Royal Mail as our main delivery partner we can offer our customers an extremely fast and efficient service with many orders being delivered before time as opposed to on time.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are always available to help. On the phone or via email we are here to help. With our vast knowledge and years of experience, we can assist you in choosing the right product for your device, helping you to understand specifications, answering any remote control related queries, or any other questions you may have.

Constantly Developing

At, we are constantly developing our product range with every new device that comes onto the retail market we aim to add a compatible power supply product. Our working procedures and computerised systems are under constant development with the unified objective of serving our customers more effectively.

© is the shop front for the brand, GOOD REMOTE™.